Welcome to the Southern Nevada Golf Association for Business Women

SNGABW provides business and professional women in Southern Nevada an opportunity to socialize and play golf at various golf courses in the area, to participate in special golf events including Team Play, Match Play, Club Championship, State Tournaments and the activities of the Women's Southern Nevada Golf Association.

Christmas Party: December 14th, 2019 Eagle Crest GC

We have 26 members signed up for our annual Christmas Party. 
Save the date: December 14th, Eagle Crest GC, 9:00 AM shotgun start. The cost is $50 for golf and lunch, or $15.00 lunch only, $35.00 golf only.

PLEASE SIGN UP NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 6th and include your choice of golf and lunch or lunch/golf only.

Payment is to be mailed to Nicole Nolan at: 718 Nickleby Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89123. If paying by check please make payable to SNGABW.

We have a fun day planned including Beat the Pro. Everyone receives a free round of golf at Eagle Crest just for participating. If you Beat the Pro you will also receive a shirt of your choice from the Golf Shop. 

Lunch will be served after golf in the Pinnacle Room upstairs at Eagle Crest.

We hope that you can join us to celebrate the Holiday Season and for a fun day of friends, food, and golf.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Golf Happy!

Jingle Balls: November 19th, 2019

Club Championship: June 1st & 2nd, 2019

Here are the 2019 winners:


OVERALL NET:  Theresa Summers who broke 80 for the first time today. 


GOLD FLIGHT LOW NET:  Monica Fairbanks (Card off with Gail Chow)






Club Champion Theresa Prospero!

Maary Smith Tournament

The Championship Match between My Paulsen and Nicole Nolan was held today at Las Vegas National.  While it was a crappy, windy day for golf, most of the members who signed up persevered till the end and cheered on My and Nicole.

Our 2019 Maary Smith Champion is Nicole Nolan!  It came down to the last hole, so it was an exciting match.  Many thanks to My and Nicole for playing their match today.  They are both great match players.

Congratulations Nicole!


Christy Smith and Nicole Nolan had their Maary Smith match today which went one extra hole.  Nicole came out the winner and is now in the Championship Match at Las Vegas National on May 19.  My Paulsen and Barb Ford will be playing their match next Friday to determine who will meet Nicole for the Championship.  Good luck to all! 


My Paulsen and Monica Fairbanks were able to make-up their third round match yesterday with My winning the match.  My will now play Barb Ford in the next round.  They will not be able to play their match with us on Saturday, but will be making it up before the Championship Match at Las Vegas National on May 19.

_______________________________________________________  Three of the four matches in Round 3 of the Maary Smith match play tournament is in the books.  

Here are the results:

Nicole Nolan defeated Karen Herness

Christy Smith defeated Audrey Jordan

Nicole will play Christy next round.

Barb Ford defeated Danielle Kaylor

My Paulsen and Monica Fairbanks will be making up their match next week.

Barb will play the winner of the My/Monica match.


The second round of the Maary Smith match play tournament was completed at Rhodes Ranch.  We are now down to the Elite Eight.

Here are the results:

Karen Herness defeated Brenda Asato (19 holes)

Nicole Nolan defeated Christine Soscia

Karen will play Nicole next round.

Christy Smith defeated Tomoko Miyazono

Audrey Jordan defeated Margie Cashwell.

Christy will play Audrey next round.

Karen, Nicole, Christy and Audrey will be a foursome.

My Paulsen defeated Deb Koch

Monica Fairbanks defeated Karen Huckabay

My will play Monica next round.

Danielle Kaylor defeated Lorna Daniels

Barb Ford defeated Lai Rippee

Danielle will play Barb next round.

My, Monica, Danielle and Barb will be a foursome.


The first round of our Maary Smith match play tournament was held 3/24th  at Las Vegas National.  It was a beautiful day and here are the results:

Karen Herness moves forward as Suzanne Desmarais withdrew due to injury.

Brenda Asato defeated Kathy Faber.

Karen plays Brenda next round.

Nicole Nolan defeated Gail Chow.

Christine Soscia defeated Kathy Dunnuck.

Nicole plays Christine next round.

Tomoko Miyazono defeated Kim Bazzelle.

Christy Smith defeated Nancy Lauback.

Tomoko plays Christy next round.

Audrey Jordan defeated Melissa Miller.

Audrey plays the winner of the Margie Cashwell/Fay Geddes match to be played April 4.

My Paulsen defeated Maggie Bowgren.

Deb Koch defeated Verna Huiskamp.

My plays Deb next round.

Karen Huckabay defeated Leila Vasumaki.

Monica Fairbanks defeated Janet Veloz.

Karen plays Monica next round.

Danielle Kaylor defeated Rose Coker.

Lorna Daniels defeated Theresa Summers.

Danielle plays Lorna next round.

Barb Ford defeated Peggy Gore.

Lai Rippee defeated Karen Bernard.

Barb plays Lai next round.


Most Improved Golfer for 2018 is Angela Parker.  CONGRATULATIONS ANGELA!!

Here were the top five most improved:

1.  Angela Parker                   31.1 to 22.9

2. Lynnette Ball                      26.7 to 21.5

3. Janet Veloz                         23.1 to 18.6

4. Danielle Kaylor                  12.8 to 9.9

5. Michiko Hrbenar              32.6 to 27.6

On Saturday, January 12 at Bear’s Best, Mary Schweitzer had a hole-in-one on Hole #15.  We presented her with her plaque yesterday at Highland Falls.  CONGRATULATIONS MARY!!

Nevada State Women’s Golf Association: April 28th & 29th, 2019

Date:                    April 28-29, 2019

Deadline:             April 14, 2019, no refunds after that date

Format:                36-hole, two-person team (team score is one best ball of the two players)

Location:             Mountain Falls Golf Club

Entry Fee:           $306 per team

ENTRIES:             Deadline to enter is April 14, 2019.  No refunds will be given after that date. Incomplete entries will be considered void and not accepted. 

Click here for the entry form.

Christmas Party Desert Willow: December 8th, 2018

Christmas Party/Golf at Desert Willow Golf Club at 2020 Horizon Ridge Parkway in Henderson on Saturday, December 8 at 8:00 AM.

Sierra Nevada Cup: November 4th, 2018

Round 2 results:

Theresa Prospero/Melissa Miller (Silver) defeated Ellen Guerra/Kathy Faber  (Blue)

Michelle Bradford/Gail Chow  (Blue) halved with My Paulsen/Lai Rippee

Danielle Kaylor/Audrey Jordan (Blue) defeated Christine Soscia/Rose Coker  (Silver)

Maureen Coleman/Kathy Dunnuck (Blue) defeated Deb Koch/Lorna Daniels (Silver)

Monica Fairbanks/Nicole Nolan  (Silver) defeated Karen Huckabay/Nancy Lauback  (Blue)

Karen Herness/Margie Cashwell (Blue) defeated Penny Davis/Suzanne Desmarais  (Silver)

Karen Bernard/Angela Parker (Blue) defeated Bernadette Devonshire/Janet Veloz  (Silver)

Theresa Summers/Sara Schuman  (Silver) defeated Mary Schweitzer/Trinh Kern  (Blue)

Tomoko Miyazono/Connie Patterson (Silver) defeated Brenda Asato/Barb Ford  (Blue)

Round 2:  Blue 4 ½           Silver 4 ½

Round 1:  Blue 6                Silver 2

Total:  Blue 10 ½                Silver 6 ½

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BLUE TEAM who are our 2018 Sierra Nevada Cup Champions!

Thanks again to all of you who made this a really fun competition.


The first round of the Sierra Nevada Cup was held today at Las Vegas National.  It was a beautiful day for golf. 

Here are the results:

My Paulsen and Deb Koch  (Silver) defeated Karen Herness and Kathy Faber  (Blue)

Gail Chow and Angela Parker  (Blue) defeated Monica Fairbanks and Nicole Nolan  (Silver)

Penny Davis and Rose Coker  (Silver) defeated Debbie Love and Karen Huckabay  (Blue)

Margie Cashwell and Millie Anderson  (Blue) defeated Lai Rippee and Janet Veloz  (Silver)

Audrey Jordan and Maggie Bowgren  (Blue) defeated Tomoko Miyazono and Suzanne Desmarais  (Silver)

Maureen Coleman and Nancy Lauback  (Blue) defeated Fay Geddes and Verna Huiskamp  (Silver)

Tina Lipschutz and Kathy Dunnuck  (Blue) defeated Theresa Prospero and Christine Soscia  (Silver)

Brenda Asato and Barb Ford  (Blue) defeated Lorna Daniels and Connie Patterson  (Silver)

TOTAL:  Blue 6   Silver 2

The next round is November 4 at Bear’s Best.

Thanks everyone for playing today.

Blue Team Round 1

Silver Team Round 1

Blue team Round 2

Silver Team Round 2

Jingle Balls: November 27th, 2018

Well gang, we did it again!  Another successful Jingle Balls Tournament.  Whew! 

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who played, contributed, solicited raffle prizes, helped on “work day”, and volunteered yesterday morning to keep things running

smoothly!  We have already received many compliments about a well-run event, including the staff at Bear’s Best.  They told me we are the easiest and most organized group to work with of all the tournaments they host.  This is a tribute to all of you.

Our raffle ticket sales were outstanding!    

Grand Prize Raffles                         $1,025.00

Regular Raffles                               $2,237.00

  Total                                              $3,262.00

Split the Pot sales for our charities were $783.00.   Half of this amount went to charities and the other half was split between three people drawn from the pot.  One of the winners donated her winnings back to the charities which was very generous.  This resulted in a total of $521 going to the charities, plus most of the raffle ticket sales.

After all expenses have been accounted for, I anticipate we will be able to send our two charities, Little Miss Hannah Foundation and Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, approximately $1,800 each.  We will keep you posted on the final amount.

Again, thanks to you for our success!

Fall Trip: October 19th-21st, 2018, Prescott, AZ

It’s time to reserve your spot for Fall Trip, Oct. 19 – 21, 2018 to Prescott AZ. We’re staying at Forest Villas Hotels for 2 nights and playing 2 rounds of golf at Antelope Hills Golf Club-North and South Course. The average temperature in October on the hillside of Prescott AZ, daytime mid 75-80, evening falls to mid 65. Forest Villas is charming quaint hotel with gas fireplace in lobby and 2 gas firepit lounge area in the courtyard. Daily breakfast, WiFi and parking are included. Within 10-12 minute drive is Antelope Hills Golf Club, a 36 Holes Golf Course. The North Course is lined with trees and woodland. The South Course (newer) is a Link style with open fairways. One of the main features when making the selection, Antelope Hills does not over seed the courses that time of the year! 

COST includes 2 night hotel stay & 2 rounds of golf and taxes: 
Single with king bed: $356.74 
Double with 2 queen beds: $223.37 per person 
Make checks out to SNGABW. Mail to Jackie Pierson @ 1524 Frandosa Lane, Las Vegas NV 89117 or in person when you see Jackie at SNGABW event.

Deadline: August 31, 2018 Contact: Lai Rippee - BrdyJuz@gmail.com

Club Championship: August 4th & 5th, 2018 at Bear's Best

The final round of the Club Championship was held 8/5 at Bear’s Best.  First of all, many thanks to all of you who participated and made this such a great event and to the fun players who had a nice relaxing round. Your support of the Club is appreciated.

There were many great scores and the results were very close, particularly in net.  

Here are the results:

Club Champion:  Debbie Love  (Rounds of 77 and 76)

Overall Net:  Angela Parker

Low Gross Gold Flight:  My Paulsen

Low Net Gold Flight:  Gail Chow

Low Gross Silver Flight:  Monica Fairbanks

Low Net Silver Flight:  Fay Geddes

Low Gross Bronze Flight:  Janet Veloz

Low Net Bronze Flight:  Leila Vasumaki


See you on the links.

Tomoko Miyazono was on fire! Congratulations on getting a HOLE IN ONE on Hole #8, 121 yards at Reflection Bay on July 8th, 2018

Team Play Results

We had the final matches today at Oasis for Team Play 2018 and I am thrilled to let you all know that we won Gross in our Division.  This means that we are headed to the playoffs on June 11 and our opponent will be Oasis.  Boulder City will be playing Chimera for Overall and Canyon Gate will be playing Wildhorse for net.

Many thanks to all of the members who played team this year.  We had a great year and everyone contributed to our success.  We are also grateful to many of the rest of you who cheered us on to victory.


Most improved Golfer 2017

Congratulations to Ruth Carroll who is our Most Improved Golfer for 2017.

Maary Smith Tournament: May 12th- Final Round

The Championship Match of the Maary Smith Match Play Tournament was held May 12th at Bear’s Best between Deb Koch and Kathy Dunnuck.  It was a good match that went 16 holes before the winner was determined.  Our 2018 winner is KATHY DUNNUCK!

Congratulations to Kathy for a well-played tournament and many thanks to all of you who participated.

Also, someone may have left a red Adidas pullover with a Bear’s Best logo at the course today.  If it is yours, let me know and I’ll get it to you next time I see you.

Loss of our friend, Mary Tucker

It is with a heavy heart filled with sadness that I inform you all that Mary earned her wings to heaven on Wednesday, February 21st, 2018.  

As her daughters said, please find solace and peace knowing that she is no longer suffering and in pain.  She was a great friend and will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace Mary and remember to shine your light on us once in awhile.  We miss you!


Spring Trip:  April 27-29, 2018 St. George, UT